Your Online Presence

If you are in business today and want to keep in touch with your customers or get new ones, you need an online presence. A website is more than a fancy way of showcasing or selling your product or services. Today, over seventy percent of consumers search the web first for products and services before contacting someone. This percentage will only increase as technology become more accessible to remote areas. Your working hours maybe 12 hours, your website is open 24 / 7 / 365.

Planning your Site

What information should your website contain? Below are a few items to consider.

Products or Services

Product or Service knowledge

Hours of operation


Contact Information

Terms or Warranty

Product Site

Commonly referred to as an E-Commerce site they are many. It will be counterproductive to try to compete with the Amazon of the world. As of 2019 Amazon, controls over 52% of the E-Commerce market. Most small businesses are catering to a niche market with their unique products. Many product sites sell only one item; you have seen the commercials on TV for the pill that makes you young again (lol). Building a website to help you market your specialty products is where we can help.

Services Site

Some businesses offer services instead of products or both. Trades such as a plumber, carpenter, auto mechanic, etc., caters to services. Our designs are tailored more towards the company's skills, experience, and availability in the service industry. As with any business, we cater to your needs first and make suggestions based on industry standards.

Real Estate Site

We focus on developing and sourcing Real Estate professionals' tools and delivering them as a package at a lower cost. Our tools cater to your clients and the internal operation of your business. We customize your public-facing website to reflect your company brand and the internal network (Intranet) where the tasks of bringing the sale to closing happen. Also, as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) with Microsoft, we offer a powerful and complete set of desktop and cloud tools to your disposal.

Non-Profit, Fraternity and Club Site

Most of the small private organization doesn't maintain a website. Some choose not to because of privacy. But, membership sites keep your members in the loop and keep the public from accessing confidential information. This site allows you to generate revenue, offer amenities, services and gather feedback from your members. We can design, build and train your members to maintain your membership.


Our sites offer all the functionality and features of similar websites, costing thousands to build and host. We create modern, professional, easy-to-navigate sites and facilitates connection to your business processes. Our fees are substantially less, and we primarily concentrate on small businesses.


Design and Build


Maintenance and Updates

Site Email account

Site Backups

Need our help?

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