Software & Services for Small Business Management

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One Place to Manage your entire business

Our Customer Management Portal gives you a platform to manage your entire business


Customer Relationship Management

File Management

Manage all your customer's documents within the portal and give them access.


Manage your calendar and create online appointment request.

Project Management

When your work is project based, track your team and progress of the project.

Proposals & Contracts

Create proposal and contract templates, email them for signatures and track their status.


Invoice your customers and receive payments online.

Business Management Solution

All business need some way to communicate, invoice or send an estimate to their customers.

We partnered with a few companies to bring simply and cost effective solutions for small businesses. We further customize and brand these solutions to your needs. When you apply these solutions to your small business, you will increase your productivity, customer satisfaction, and profits.

Choose the services you need

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM system gives small business a fast and easy way to keeps track of their customers. Click on a customer and see their contact info, all estimates, invoices, files, notes and more in one place.


Manage your finance with a complete billing and payment system at your fingertips. Create your invoice, email it to your customer, collect payment online or by mail then record your income to track your finance. Need to send out estimates, create subscriptions, and record expenses; we have you covered.

Tasks Management

At times we have jobs that require specific steps to complete. Tasks are a great way to list those steps and assign them to workers or yourself to accomplish them promptly. Tasks are also a great way to track the work of your employees. Need to know the status of your tasks? Just run a task report.

Appointments & Events

Create an online appointment request form where customers or prospects can choose a date and time to meet with you. Control the days and times customers can schedule appointments. Keep your customers in the loop when you plan a meeting with them.


Reports are a quick way to see what's happening in your business: Run Tasks, Time Log, Financial and Income vs. Expense, and more to see your business status.


Not all small businesses use proposals, but we can help you design and build an impressive one if you do. When verbally pitching your services, customers can sometimes expect more from you than you intended. A written proposal can eliminate some misunderstandings and maintain a healthy customer relationship.


Contracts are part of doing business and some can be complex and long or as simple as one page agreement. If you use contracts in your business we have you covered. If you use the same contract with all your customers we can create a template. You can also sent your contract out for electronic signature all within the app.

Client Portal

Give your clients access to their documents, invoices, and the progress of their projects. Your clients can additionally view their contracts, proposals, estimates, payments, and appointments, all from their login.

Back Office

Additional services


Require payroll processing? We have a solution that can handle basic to enterprise.

Time Tracking

If your business requires time tracking for billing or payment, we have you covered.


This feature allows you to create a subscription and schedule automatic billing.


This powerful feature allows us to create customized actions triggered by events to automate processes in your business.