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RealtySpan.com, Inc dba Data Derivation

Data Derivation is a DBA of RealtySpan.com, Inc. created to interact with the developers, vendors, and data suppliers for the solutions we offer. Our skill set started within the Real Estate space and extended to small businesses. However, the services we offer applies to most small businesses, and our design and implementation give you a professional site and an enterprise platform.

Data Derivation is a family-owned and Veteran small business. We understand the challenges of operating a small business and keeping your sanity. Our focus is to help owners like us with their technology needs.


What we do

Data Derivation is a technology resource for small businesses. Many companies offer software solutions to small businesses, but very few are there to help you with the day-to-day support after the sale. In many circumstances, a small shop is a company of one or an owner with a few helpers or employees. Most technology companies do not consider your business profitable for them because of your size. We believe this causes many small businesses not to embrace some standard technologies available today. The learning curve, time to implement, input data can overwhelm someone who would rather be doing the activity they know. We are here to fill that gap for those services and help you learn the software which will help you grow. We set up only the services you need, create your online presence, implement these services on your desktop, tablet, and mobile devices then walk you through the use of all the benefits.

We are all in for Small Business

From websites to email, we are here to help.

Managed by Us

From time to time better services are offered from different vendors we will make the changes without interrupting your services.

Maintained by Us

Most software are update as the technology develop. We maintain all update within our services.

Secured by Us

Today a device without security is vulnerable to every malicious virus, malware and ransomware. We maintain security and backups.

Supported by Us

Sometime the simple questions are the lease answered. We are here to support all services we manage.


Patrick Naraine


Direct: 845-688-4725

Mobile: 914-325-4714

After being honorably discharged from the United States Air Force in the fall of 1982, I joined my dad's real estate business in the Castle Hill area of the Bronx. At that time, his office had about four agents, and I quickly learned the trade and became successful over the years.

In 1984, we purchased a few fax machines for the company, which was considered cutting-edge technology for small businesses. I then became interested in computers and asked the same salesman about them. He was happy to sell me all the computers I wanted, even though I had no idea how to use them. Luckily, I had a burning desire to learn to program and apply this fantastic technology. Developing applications for our business back then gave us a significant advantage over our competitors, and we fully utilized this advantage. However, being self-taught in this area of work has its advantages and setbacks. Learning, developing, maintaining, supporting, and keeping up with technological advancements is almost impossible for an expert. This situation was the dilemma I consistently found myself in while also financing my own insanity. Eventually, I was able to hire some help and get some work done.

Over the past year, we have designed software solutions that utilize current technologies and are adaptive to the coming changes. With the knowledge I have acquired over the past 30 years, I can help you with the right solution for your business and give you the ability to scale as you grow.

Lori Naraine


Direct: 931-771-8855

Mobile: 505-328-0240

I began my career in the real estate industry as a data entry clerk for a broker in New York who specialized in REOs. For five years, I entered data and learned about the valuation process for residential properties. However, I eventually decided to pursue a different path and enrolled in school for medical billing and coding. After 15 months, I realized that this field was not my passion.

I did some work with my father-in-law, Patrick Naraine, who was developing a real estate application. After a few months, he asked me to become more involved, and I made it my primary focus for the next three years. During the development process, I obtained my real estate licenses to gain better insight into the practical side of the real estate business.

Over the same period, I actively sold and rented properties, which helped me identify the tasks that technology could address in the industry. Although I have no formal training in software development, I am a quick learner and can offer sound suggestions to developers for the Tennessee market.

Since I have worked on this application from its beginning, I am uniquely qualified to assist you with any support questions you may have.

Serita Naraine


Direct: 845-688-4726

In 1997 I started work as a secretary in a real estate office in Bronx, NY. About a year later I was hired by Patrick, who in 1999 became my husband. For the year before being married to Patrick, I worked as his assistant in buying, selling, and processing residential mortgages. As an assistant and then wife, I learned the financial aspect of running a multi-facets business, which changed as the technology advanced. We worked for years on his dream of completing the Real Estate application he started in the mid-eighties. Today, twenty years later and many years of experience, we are offering our services to small business owners just like us.

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