Cyber Security

Online Security or Network Security fundamentally refers to the same issue. The preventions of malicious software which aims to capture or disrupt your data.

Data Derivation protects your data using two methods. Virus and Malware prevention and Backup for loss of access.

Common misconception

Many small business owners have said that the information I have on my computer isn't worth stealing.

Any personal information about yourself, family, friends, or customers is valuable to hackers. The simple things we overlook becomes a point of entry for hackers: a phone number, email address, or a physical address. Although information taken from your computer may not necessarily affect you, we have seen it used to go after people you know.

Consider if your laptop or desktop becomes inoperable due to a malware attack, it can cost upwards of $200.00 to remove or reset. Unfortunately, the time lost in small business productivity is way over $200.00. A proven Endpoint Protection (EPP) software can save you a lot of regrets. Remember the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection refers to any devices, such as a laptop or desktop computer running the security software. You may have installed antivirus software in the past, which gave you those annoying popups and slowed your computer down. We know many small business owners are not sure what to do when those popups appear.

SentinelOne is enterprise-grade malware protection used by some of the largest companies in the world. As a partner with Sentinel One, we deploy the solution, remotely manage the software, and address any malware issues or updates. When SentinelOne perceives a threat, it will quarantine and remove it, then notify us to review and close the report.

We at Data Derivation are here to manage your security issues so you can get back to serving your customers.

How do it work?

Simple, first we install the package then we manage the entire process.


Static AI on the endpoint prevents attacks in-line in real time. Consistently ranked for highest efficacy and lowest false-positives, SentinelOne’s static AI model replaces legacy antivirus


Patented Behavioral AI recognizes malicious actions regardless of vector. SentinelOne is the only endpoint security vendor to detect fileless, zero-day, and nation-grade attacks in real time.


SentinelOne’s patented Behavioral AI fuels ActiveEDR, surgically reversing and removing any malicious activity. Now, every device heals itself in realtime. Never reimage a system again.

Threat Hunting

The industry’s fastest query times and longest data retention. Advanced actions such as full native remote shell, memory dumps, and pre-indexed forensic context. Hunt more, pivot less.