What does all small business owners need?

Someone to manage their technology services & needs.

When you leverage your skills fairly and effectively for compensation, it's called professional service. When you try to accomplish a task without the necessary skills, it usually becomes an expense.

Patrick Naraine


We offer technology and consulting services to small businesses

Starting a new business?

Designing your own website may end up being more challenging than you expected. You might have the expertise, but lack the time to create a fantastic site. Let us assist you.

Jumping into the online world?

  • Website
  • Email
  • Domain
  • SEO
  • Malware & Virus

Some of the terms you may have heard but have no clue what they mean. We can help.

Primary Services

Website Development

We design, build, manage, secure, backup and update your online presence

Business Management

Small business solution to manage your entire business form customers to finances


Protect your data from the Desktop to the Cloud, with virus, malware, and backup services.

Why choose our company?

We are all in for Small Businesses. Our goal is to help you navigate today's technology by offering the tools you need not the one one's that benefit us. We want to be your technology and computer consultant. All our services are tailored to the mom and pop, and small shops. We are a veteran own and operated small business.

Managed by Us

As new and faster services become available we transition to them which help increase your productivity.

Maintained by Us

Most software are update as the technology develop. We maintain all update within our services.

Supported by Us

Sometimes the simplest questions are left unanswered. We are here to help with all your questions.

Business Management Portal

Our Customer Management Portal gives you a platform to manage your entire business


Customer Relationship Management

File Management

Manage all your customer's documents within the portal and give them access.


Manage your calendar and create online appointment request.

Project Management

When your work is project based, track your team and progress of the project.

Proposals & Contracts

Create proposal and contract templates, email them for signatures and track their status.


Invoice your customers and receive payments online.

Microsoft M365

The M365 platform offers an abundance of tools for any small business


A single communication platform


Document creation and formatting. Use, share, and collaborate on Word


A spreadsheet application primarily used for managing financial info or a lists of similar data.


Move your hard drive to the cloud and make it accessible from any device.


Email, Contacts, and Calendaring client for Mobile and Desktop


Create powerful and engaging presentation for your customers.

Our Partners